Alaric to bring their firebrand of darkness shadows and beauty to Roadburn 2017

With songs both tragically massive and delicately crafted, Alaric ’s record End of Mirrors is a massive triumph for the band and listeners alike. The hybridization of post-punk’s tense, angular structures with the size and spread of extreme metal’s most dynamic sonic components makes for one hell of a ride on this, their first record on the mighty Neurot Recordings. With this album’s mid-2016 release as a sonic landmark for extreme music, we felt it was essential to invite Alaric to share some of the tragedy and immensity with audiences at Roadburn.

The band commented: “Alaric is absolutely honored and humbled to be included to the incredible lineup of artists performing at Roadburn 2017. It is certainly a dream come true for all of us to play at what we feel is the greatest festival in Europe if not the world. We wish to extend our thanks to Walter and his amazing crew and we look forward to bringing our brand of darkness, shadows and beauty to the event.”

With live performances that transcend genre and grip at something innately human, Alaric’s passion for brushing the surface of pure emotion in musical form is ever-present and a must-see. When they perform on Thursday, 20 April at the Green Room of 013 Venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands, as part of Roadburn 2017, we’re sure there will be heavy feelings throughout the room.

Roadburn Festival 2017 will take place April 20-23 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Tickets are now on sale!

Ben Handelman, December 2016

Date: April 20

Time: 16:20

Stage: Green Room