Fauna will create epic soundscapes at Roadburn 2019

Aloof and austere, like their music itself, Fauna have never been a band for headlines or hype, but they have nevertheless helped shape this century’s American black metal like few others. Among their contemporaries, one would rank fellow Olympia, WA residents Wolves In The Throne Room (whose Aaron Weaver has actually been a part of Fauna at one point), Weakling or Leviathan, and precious few others.

Their three albums, Rain, The Hunt and Avifauna still stand as mightily as they did when we first heard them, as profoundly evocative manifestations of nature and wilderness through the lens of a black metal, drone and folk mix. Fauna is where the spirit of the Earth resonates strongest, and it will be an immense pleasure to have a band of this magnitude at Roadburn, recreating the majestic landscapes they so expertly translate into sonic form.

Fauna will soar deep into the Earth at Roadburn on Friday, April 12th.

José Carlos Santos

Date: April 12

Time: 19.20-20.30

Stage: Het Patronaat

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