Harsh Toke to honor Roky Erickson with covers set at Roadburn 2017

Something ever just feel so right it had to be done? Last time San Diego jammers Harsh Toke came to Roadburn was in 2014, and it was truly special. In addition to supporting their own album, Light up and Live, with a righteous set of jams at the Afterburner, they hooked up with psych legend Lenny Kaye for a fully-improvised gig that was one of the highlights of the year.

We’re proud to announce that at Roadburn Festival 2017, Harsh Toke will return to Tilburg! They come heralding their 2016 split with San Diegan heavy psych forerunners Earthless on Tee Pee Records, Acid Crusher / Mount Swan, on which they pushed their winding, longform improv even further than on the album, letting fans know they still wanted to plunge deeper into the cosmos.

At Roadburn 2017, they’ll play a special set comprised entirely of Roky Erickson covers, honoring psychedelic classics like ‘Don’t Slander Me’, ‘Bloody Hammer’, as well as ‘Burn the Flames’ and ‘Bermuda’, which Harsh Toke have recorded for a new split with JOY and Sacri Monti to coincide with their return to Europe in Spring.

Gabe from the band says:

“After I heard Walter say how much he wished he could book Roky Erickson but that it hadn’t worked out so far, I snapped and said, ‘Hey, my old band Red Octopus did a two-day Hallow’s Eve / Halloween night Roky tribute set that was highly acclaimed around town! Harsh Toke can do a set of all his wild and manic tunes for you, no problem, Walter!’ And here we are. Already recorded two tracks from the Erickson archive and are excited to move forward. It’s for the fans and we’re here to play them the hammers…”

If you were there to see them last time, you already know it was the kind of thing that only happens at Roadburn – a unique experience even coming from a band who plays every night. Expect no less at Roadburn Festival 2017 when Harsh Toke bring their own spin to Roky Erickson ’s classics at the 013 venue on Friday, April 21!

JJ Koczan, December 2016

Roadburn Festival 2017 will take place April 20-23 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Tickets are now on sale!

Date: April 21

Time: 00:20

Stage: Green Room