Nothing bring a slice of Philadelphia to Tilburg for Roadburn 2022.

The city a band hails from is often an intrinsic part of their sound, whether obvious on the surface or not. In the case of Philadelphia’s Nothing, it’s the feeling of grit and coiled aggression that lies not-so-quietly below the melancholic shoegaze the band is known for. When they last played at Roadburn, Nothing were just beginning to pick up speed off of their debut album, Guilty of Everything. In the time since, the band has become more expressive, letting other emotions bleed into their music, asserting them as leaders in the modern shoegaze scene. 

The Great Dismal isn’t just the name of Nothing’s latest album; it’s a description of their sound and the existential musings contained in the lyrics. They will bring their trademark gloom to Roadburn 2022, giving us the full Nothing experience in the form of a solo set in addition to their collaboration with noisy death dealers Full of Hell (“bring ear protection”, they tell us).

The band comment: “I guess since the worlds not ending like it seemed it was gonna, the next best thing is playing Roadburn. We’re all very excited.“

We, too, are excited – enthused to welcome Nothing back to Roadburn, having watched them from afar as they’ve gone from strength to strength over the intervening years.
-Vince Bellino

Date: April 23

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA