July 16, 2021

“Sometimes, on a Thursday night (or a Friday morning, or a Saturday afternoon), it turns out that a new track from Iron Maiden is just what’s needed to get your blood pumping. ‘Is the Roadburn Essential Sounds playlist the place for Iron Maiden?’, I pondered. As you’ll see – the conclusion was definitely yes.

“If the mighty Maiden aren’t your bag, there’s plenty more to tickle your fancy this Friday. Enjoy!”

Becky Laverty

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Iron MaidenThe Writing On The Wall (Parlophone Records)

Spirit AdriftForge Your Future (Century Media)

Fawn LimbsNoose Gestures (Roman Numeral Records)

Chat PileRoots Bloody Roots (The Flenser)

Four Stroke BaronFriday Knight (Prosthetic Records)

La FemmeParadigme (Disque Pointu)

Crippled Black PhoenixDead is Dead (Season of Mist)

King WomanBoghz (Relapse Records)

DeathsomniaKatabasis (Ft. Kyle Kimball) (Isolation Rec)

Howlin RainDharma Wheel (Silver Current)

Kurt VileRun Run Run (UMG recordings) (Header image)

MidwifeEnemy (The Flenser)

Lingua IgnotaPerpetual Flame Of Centralia (Sargent House)