February 19, 2021

Let this week’s lengthy and atmospheric playlist – ranging from dark electronica to exciting black metal and heavy dream pop, among others – take you to the most beautiful and unknown places. There’s so much to discover – let your imagination run free with our essential sounds as your guide. No boundaries, no limitations in scope and feel.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

SOMYouth // Decay (Pelagic Records)

Genghis TronRitual Circle (Relapse Records)

PrurientTokyo Exorcist (Hospital productions)

Matteo VallicelliX-Rays & Šostakovic (Self-Release)

Blitzkrieg BabyWorld on Fire (Beläten)

White RingI Need A Way (Rocket Girl)

Youth Code, King YosefBurner (Self-Release)

CrownIllumination (Pelagic Records)

Spectral WoundFrigid and Spellbound (Profound Lore)

Silver KnifeThe Numinous Loom (Entropic Recordings)

SvrmDementia (Self Release)

WesenwilleA Material God (LADLO Prod)

MSWHumanity (Gilead Media)

The Devil’s Trade, John ConnerDead Sister Merope (Season of Mist)

ByrdiHeim (Trollmusic)

Asphodel WineSlowdance Macabre (Consouling Sounds)

Techno ThrillerLe Sombre Hiver (Teenage Menopause)

SsalivaThe Longest Sleep (Self-Release)

TomagaIntimate Intensity (Hands in the Dark)

Pauline Anna StromTemple Garden at Midnight (RVNG Intl)

Luca YupanquiV4.3 pt.2 (Sacred Bones)

SenyawaIstana (les Albums Claus)