August 20, 2021

Let this week’s playlist be the soundtrack to your weekend – whether you’re venturing out, or staying home. As ever we hope you find something new, or are able to reconnect with an old favourite. If you like what you hear, please hit that “heart” button on Spotify – we update the playlist every Friday with new tunes.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

DeafheavenShellstar (Sargent House)

Circuit des YeuxDogma (Matador Records)

Fly Pan AmParkour 2 (Constellation)

HoaxedCandle Master (Relapse Records)

Chat PileBrutal Truth (Self-Release)

Portrayal Of GuiltTouched by an Angel (Self-Release)

SuccumbAither (The Flenser)

Wolves In The Throne RoomThrough Enternal Fields (Century Media)

UlverBounty Hunter (House of Mythology)

Wreck and ReferenceChange (In The House of Flies) (The Flenser)

Alora CrucibleBottomless Madraguda (House of Mythology)

Massimo Pupillo, Gabriele Tinti, Márton CsókásThe Lyre of Blood Will Drive off All Evil (House of Mytholgy)

The Lovecraft SextetFunebre Macabre (Denovali Records)