February 11, 2021

In April, you’ll be able to enjoy Emptiness performing their new album, Vide, as part of Roadburn Redux. Today, we’re delighted to offer you the exclusive premiere of that very same album.

Produced by vocalist/bassist Jérémie Bézier with recording taking place in his apartment (and on its rooftop!) in Belgium, the resulting album is an often claustrophobic affair. Our suggestion is that you take the next 45 minutes or so out of your day, without distractions, to let this incredible album wash over you. Hard to pin to a specific genre, and at times both fragile and heavy hitting, Vide is a trip that you won’t forget. If you embrace the sense of unease that permeates Vide, let it wrap around you and envelope you, then you can experience it in all its glory.

Click below to listen to the full album complete with visuals. Vide is released this Friday, February 12 via Season of Mist. Click HERE to order a copy. Emptiness will perform Vide at Roadburn Redux between April 16-18.