We’re putting the finishing touches to some special things behind the scenes and we can’t wait to see you all next week. 

Before you make your way to Tilburg, we have some info to share with you that should help your transition to Planet Roadburn go smoothly. As always we’ve put together an A-Z with various pointers and bits of information. Don’t forget there’s the FAQ section on our website too – so there’s lots of resources to find the answers to any outstanding questions you have.

We’ve also put the booklet online in digital form – so you can start to immerse yourself in the whole Roadburn experience a few days early if you wish! Don’t worry, you can still pick up the paper version of this at the festival!

See you in a few days!

Roadburn 2023 A-Z

     A – ACCESS

When you arrive in Tilburg, you can exchange your ticket for a festival wristband and also pick up a programme booklet. In the centre pages there you’ll find the Roadburn map that lays out where the venues are, plus the timetables and other useful info.

The ticket exchange is halfway between the 013 and the Spoorzone (where the Koepelhal is) – it will be signposted and you can’t miss it! Wristband exchange will be open at the following times and we encourage you to collect your wristband on Wednesday night if you’re already in town so you can breeze right in on Thursday afternoon!

Wednesday- 15.00 – 21.00
Thursday 11:00 – 21.00
Friday 12:00 – 20:00
Saturday 12:00 – 20:00
Sunday 12:00 – 20:00

Please note: backpacks are not allowed into the venues – totebags and similar are okay. See L for info on lockers and luggage storage.



There are buses going to Eindhoven and to Beekse Bergen, the bus stops for both are marked on the map.

Buses between Beekse Bergen and 013 are operated by Taxi Korthout and will depart approximately every 20 minutes between the times stated below. To purchase just one trip you will need to pay in cash, to purchase a multi-trip wristband, cards are accepted.

Beekse Bergen to 013:
11.30 to 19.00 

013 to Beekse Bergen (bus stop at Sint Josephstraat 106):

Cost: €6,- single trip/3 days €28/4 days €33


Night bus to Eindhoven

If you purchased a ticket for the night bus to Eindhoven these are the approximate times they will run: 

On Wednesday: 01.00 and 01.30
Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 01.00, 01.15, 01.30, 02.30, 02.45, 03.00, 04.00
Sunday 01.00, 01.15, 01.30, 02.30, 02.45

Buses will depart when full. You can exchange your weekend bus ticket for a wristband at the Info points. 

The departure area for this night bus is located at the Interpolis building, near the Tivoli Parking – just around the corner from the 013 (marked on the map). The drop off is at the Holiday Inn only. If you don’t yet have a ticket but want to use the night bus to Eindhoven then bus tickets can be bought each day at the info point next to main entrance and the infopoint in the Spoorzone but please note, these are in a limited quantity.

The closest taxi point is Heuvelstraat. Be careful that you use a licensed taxi only! 



As it was last year, Roadburn is once again a cashless festival.! 

The 013 venue has already been a cashless venue for a couple of years now and Roadburn 2023 will be a part of that initiative. This means no more tokens and no cash taken at food trucks and bars in any of the venues. Your bank or credit card will be accepted at these points of sale keeping things simple and quick (cards accepted include: Visa, Visa Electron, V Pay, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Union Pay, JCB, Bancontact, Ideal, Apple Pay and Google Pay). If you don’t have a bank or credit card you can use for this, you will be able to deposit cash on to an 013 card that you can use at the bars Roadburn/band merch stands – and this year also at the food stands. You can do this at the info points at the 013 and Spoorzone.



We’ve laid on a whole host of different food options around the Roadburn venues this year. This year, you can find food trucks outside at the Pit Stop as always but this year we’ve put together a really beautiful food court opposite the 013 where all the food available is vegan. Check it out and give yourself an energy boost with something tasty! Pretty much every taste or dietary requirement is taken care of by the food trucks around Roadburn so you’re sure to find something to suit. 



We’re back in the NS16 this year and we’re thrilled to present an exhibition by Lucile Lejoly, titled <<deeper>>throughout the four days of Roadburn. Lucile’s artwork was the visual backdrop to Roadburn Redux online and we’re so honoured to present a real life, in the flesh exhibit of her work. We’ll also showcase the work of two local artists at the NS16 – Nina van de Ven and Marit Biemans. At the 013 we’ll show the work of photographers Peter Troest and David Fitt (who were handpicked by William Lacalmontie for the task) who are both skilled at capturing our favourite performers both on and off the stage. 



If this is your first time at Roadburn, or if you’re coming solo then join us on Thursday afternoon at the downstairs bar in the 013 from 1.30pm where others in the same boat as you will be gathering to get their bearings! We’ll be around to answer your questions and help make you feel at home. Come say hi – don’t be shy! It would be great if you would register your interest here: https://forms.gle/KyWFPCrTgKCf92YC7 so we know how many of you to expect!



Whether you’re from the Netherlands or abroad, Roadburn visitors who are over the age of 18 (and with valid ID) can enter Tilburg’s coffee shops and purchase cannabis products. The Grass Company is one of the bigger outlets in the city of Tilburg, and the first one you’ll come across when making your way from the station. We encourage anybody who chooses to partake, to do so responsibly, of course!



The Hall of Fame is back in action! Last year we hosted bands in a temporary structure whilst the proper Hall of Fame was under construction. That work is now complete so we’re back in there – it’s undergone a full glow up but is still the same Hall of Fame you know and love. Take a minute to get your bearings and find your way around.



There is an info point close to the 013 and another at the Spoorzone/The Pit Stop. If you get lost, confused, need medical help or simply have a question that you can’t find the answer to – head to one of the info points where you will be pointed in the right direction! Don’t be shy – we’re a friendly bunch.



We’ve got the Paradox as a Roadburn venue once again – for just Friday and Saturday. This renowned venue is intimate and will be host to some very special performances. The capacity is just 150 – so if something is on your must-see list then make sure you’re there nice and early!



You may have tried our very own Roadburn beer last year, and this year it’s back – only hazier! Pick up a Knuffel Hazy NEIPA at many of the bars at Roadburn, alongside an assortment of other craft beers and tasty tipples. 



There are multiple options for storing merch and personal items throughout the festival. Work out which suits you best, based on what it is you need to stash away.

There are lockers at the 013 venue and Pit Stop which will be perfect for coats and small bags. These cost €2.50 and are operated via a QR code.

The only downside to these lockers is that if you’re buying vinyl or are arriving straight from the airport with your luggage -, it’s not gonna fit. But we have planned for this! There are designated large item lockers – check the map for the location. These XXL lockers cost €5. There is also a desk drop off at the XXL lockers (Tivolistraat 132) for large items like suitcases. The desk is manned at the following times: 

WED 15:00 01:00
THU 13:00 00:00
FRI 13:00 00:00
SAT 13:00 00:00
SUN 13:00 00:00

The locker cost is per day. 



All the band merch and festival merch can be found at the Pit Stop – this is a cashless area. Typically bands only sell their merch on the day they perform, so you may be visiting this area quite regularly to check for new items! Roadburn merch usually sells pretty quickly, but if we run low we will let you know via our socials etc. 

There will also be a few stalls so you can stock up on vinyl and your usual Roadburn necessities! Go wild, your record collection will thank you!



There are always surprises and last minute changes when putting on a festival. We’ll do our very best to communicate any line up changes or last minute news via our socials and keep everyone informed. And yes, we do have a couple of extra special things planned for our Roadburn family – as always! The best way to stay up to date with changes is to download the TimeSquare app – and if you enable push notifications you’ll be pinged with breaking news as it happens. If you don’t want to be glued to your phone all day, keep an eye on the boards at the fountain close to the Koepelhal – we’ll put any announcements there as they happen. 

If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to download the Timesquare app!


This year we’ve introduced the OffRoad programme -a complimentary programme that will take place in Tilburg during the festival.. A number of venues throughout the city will participate in OffRoad, offering discounts, performances, activities, special menus and more to visitors. Tilburg residents and visitors from all over will get a taste of what Roadburn is about, whilst Roadburn attendees can explore the city and add a little extra to their usual Roadburn experience if they wish. You can find out more about the OffRoad programme on the main Roadburn website.



There are over 100 bands playing Roadburn. We don’t expect you to necessarily know them all, but why not check out as many as possible? There will be a test afterwards… only kidding, but if you give our official playlist a spin you may find yet more bands to add to your “must watch” schedule.



We’re always here to answer your questions but please be aware that there may be a bit of a delay in getting back to you online during the festival itself. If your question is urgent or if you feel unsafe please speak to a member of staff or security at any of the venues. If your question is not life or death feel free to message us or tweet us whenever you like! Note that there is an info point outside the main entrance and one at the Pit Stop (See I)- there will be someone around to answer your questions quickly when you need them!  A question we get quite often is about cameras and photography. Unless you are attending as a professional press and have been granted a photo pass then you won’t be able to bring a camera with a lens of over 35mm. However, any photos that you do take with your phone / non-professional camera we’d love to see, so please tag us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram so we can see what your weekend looked like or use #RB22!



For the last few editions of Roadburn we have served your drinks in recyclable hard cups – to help reduce single use plastics and raise some money along the way. All visitors will receive their drinks in these reusable cups and pay a 50 cent deposit. 

When you’ve finished your drink these are your options:

– re-use the cup
– return your cup and claim your deposit back
– leave your cup at a designated collection point and donate the 50 cents. 

If you choose the final option, your money will go to Zeilen Van Vrijheid  – who are doing great work providing aid to citizens from Ukraine. So it’s officially possible to do some good by drinking your beers at Roadburn. This year your cans can also be recycled/donated in the same way!



This year – as we do every year – we aim to bring you a little bit extra via the side programme. We have the return of the Queer Side of Heaviness panel, illuminating the perspectives of some of the queer artists on the line up. We’ll have a panel discussion about contemporary folk – a concept that is being viewed beyond simple genre boundaries. We’ll be hosting a Q&A with Deafheaven – they’ll be discussing the highs and lows of their last decade+ of being a band. The final day of Roadburn will host a Q&A with our artistic director, Walter who will be answering any and all questions you wish to throw his way, before handing the mic over to Andreas Kohl who will hold court on all things vinyl once again.



Roadburn starts for many of us on the Wednesday night; The Spark kicks things off in style. No ticket is needed and the event is free to enter – so what better way to get your Roadburn experience off to a memorable start?

7PM – Doors open
7.45- 8.30PM – Mai Mai Mai
9.15-10PM – The Shits
10.40 – 11.30PM – Poison Ruïn



This year’s edition of Roadburn is truly a celebration of the underground. We love to give a platform to emerging artists and hope you’ll join us in celebrating the rich pickings that are available to us at Roadburn this year. Whether you’re immersing yourself in one of our commissioned projects or uncovering a brand new band, there’s plenty to embrace in terms of underground discoveries. Take this journey with us and see what gems you uncover…



Did you know that a lot of the people working at Roadburn are volunteers? The person pouring your beer, giving you directions or scanning your ticket is very likely to be one of our wonderful team of volunteers! Give them a hi-five and show them some love – Roadburn relies on their hard work. 

A quick note about venue capacities… as we said above, Paradox is a very small venue! If you really want to be there for a specific show, please do get there early. We have worked hard to eliminate queues and a big part of that is down to scheduling and ensuring the flow of people through the festival is smooth. If you do encounter a queue, we hope it will be only a very brief stall in your day. But if missing a particular band would derail your enjoyment just make sure you’re there with time to spare.



When the bands are over, if you’ve got the urge to continue the party then we well and truly have you covered. Each night in the 013 Foyer bar there will be DJs spinning the best of the best party tunes. On Friday night the Next Stage will transform into a dance party as Boy Harsher take control of proceedings and guide us late into the night.

Elsewhere – and as part of the OffRoad programme – Bitches Brew will be cooking up a storm at the Little Devil on Thursday night. On Saturday PRSPCT will take the lead and a host of artists will take over Club Smederij with a mix of horror-influenced breakcore, drum & bass, jungle and more.



Last year we kept our eyes peeled for Xerus (African ground squirrels) and none were spotted.  This year we’re on the look out for xemes, a type of gull, Let us know if you spot one…



As ever, we love to see and hear about your Roadburn experiences. Please tag us in pictures, give us feedback on the event page or the Roadburners facebook group and tweet us about your favourite performances. We welcome feedback so let us know what’s on your mind.



How blessed we are to have Zola Jesus performing this year – not just because her latest album, Arkhon, is incredible, but also because we can end this A-Z on a high!