We’re delighted to unveil the official Roadburn 2024 visual artwork courtesy of David Fitt.

This extraordinarily talented French artist has been on our radar for some time now, and we had the great honour of hosting an exhibition of his portraits at Roadburn 2023. From there our appreciation for his work blossomed into a creative relationship that has resulted in the work that we’re thrilled to present today.

The video that David has crafted with Roadburn in mind captures the essence of the Roadburn community; highlighting the beauty of its strength, inclusivity and unity. When we look at what David has skillfully put together, we see the heart of Roadburn reflected back at us. It’s truly something to behold, so much of what we work towards is right there in the artwork.

Of course, this doesn’t come as a surprise to us – having admired his work from afar for so long, we’re well aware of his wealth of talent. Having been gifted his first camera as a teenager, it took a few years for his interest in the medium to truly flourish. His videographic work with Perturbator and Grave Pleasures caught our eye and invited us into his technicolour world. His style is a continuation of the incredible French artists that have gone before him – painters, photographers and cinematographers alike – capturing both the dreamlike and hyper-real in one meticulously sculpted portfolio of work.

It’s a privilege to have David be a part of Roadburn 2024, please take a few moments to explore what he’s created just for us.

Music by Mat McNerney