August 12, 2020

We might not have, for the moment, the instant, up-close fix of Roadburn spirit that are the many live shows where our wonderful community gathers as one, but we can keep sharing great music with each other in other ways. So let’s venture forth together through sun-drenched farmlands, breezy woods darkening under cloudy skies and even the odd decadent urban scenario with our new communal playlist on Spotify, Roadburn: No Harvest!

These days, perhaps more than ever before, we are constantly being amazed by artists, many of them far from widely known, that are simultaneously on the outskirts and also at the forefront of what it means to be “heavy.” From moody singer/songwriters to shadowy practitioners of dark folk, from purveyors of twisted and reimagined Americana to genuine country troubadours, they are redefining emotional and sonic heaviness every day.

So come on, pick up your metaphorical hoe, walk the endless fields with us and help us reap the (no) harvest, unearthing all the best contemporary artists and turning this into a true radio for the fringes, build by our community!

Please note: Roadburn: No Harvest is defined by dark folk, Americana, singer/songwriters and country balladiers only.