May 5, 2021

We thought you might like a look back on Roadburn Redux, so alongside this years aftermovie (different to any we’ve done before) we thought we’d share some stats.

We had 78,937 unique visitors to the site whilst it was online, which resulted in 247,872 views on the 100+ videos that we had uploaded to the site. There were also over 22,000 plays on the embedded Soundcloud content and over 7000 of you read the articles we put online too.
3975 of you created an account – to chat, like and comment throughout the weekend.

We ensured that content was free to view, so that finances wouldn’t be a barrier to participating in this special event – however we did have a donation option on the site. Over 2000 people donated – for which were are extremely grateful. In total €56,143.49 was raised via donations – which will go some way towards covering the cost of the extraordinary production and ensure that we can continue to put on boundary-pushing festivals into the future. The average was €26.96 – but one Roadburner donated an incredible €500! Every dollar, pound, and euro that was donated is extremely appreciated – no matter how big or small the contribution.

We had people watching from 132 countries14,000+ people from the US, 12,000+ from The Netherlands, 8000+ from Germany, 6000+ from France and 5000+ from the UK. Hopefully amongst those numbers are a few of you who are newly converted Roadburners!

And if you added up all the time spent watching Roadburn Redux content from all around the globe, it’d come to 5 years, 188 days, 31 minutes and 58 seconds. Time spent wisely, we think!

It goes without saying – but we’ll say it anyway – that we’re extremely grateful to everyone who participated in Roadburn Redux, and to everyone who made it possible. We hope that next April Roadburn will take place in person, to once again create something very special – together.

Special thanks to: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Gemeente Tilburg, Provincie Noord Brabant, Ticket To Tilburg and Brewery Bavaria.