The upcoming second full-length from ANGRY BLACKMEN has been described as their ‘villain origin story’ – so pull up a chair and let’s get acquainted with this distinctive experimental hip hop duo. Unfurling from the fertile terrain of the Deathbomb Arc label, The Legend of ABM is set to put Chicago’s Angry Blackmen on the map upon its release – there’s two singles out there already, so you can start your introduction to their worldview right there. 

The rapping duo of Brian Warren and Quentin Branch have been releasing music together since 2017 and steadily building momentum as they go. Their straight talking lyrics are confrontational, honest and arresting in equal measure. Through their visceral poetry they weave tales of navigating hinterlands of late stage capitalism in America as two (often) angry black men. With break-neck efficiency they paint a vitriolic picture of oppressive existential contemplations and euphoric resistance. 

So far, we’ve only been able to enjoy the pleasure of their company through our speakers, but from what we’ve seen of their live shows, we think they’ll fit right in with us here at Roadburn. If there was ever a time to break a sweat – this is it.

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 19

Time: 20:40 - 21:30

Stage: The Engine Room