Anna von Hausswolff to perform at Roadburn 2019 as part of Tomas Lindberg’s curation

Anna von Hausswolff will perform at Roadburn Festival as part of our 2019 Tomas Lindberg’s curation. The Burning Darkness is Lindberg’s curated event that will combine musical forces from across his own personal musical tastes and bundle them up as one musical smorgasbord of delights

On his choice to include Anna von Hausswolff as part of his curation, Tomas explains:

“This is the one artist I REALLY wanted more than anything else for my curation. Me and Walter found ourselves both ecstatic when talking about her latest album, the majestic “Dead magic”. I knew I had to get her to Roadburn.

“Hopefully most of you Roadburners out there are already familiar with the soaring, epic, personal and absolutely beautiful darkness of her music. But for those of you that are not yet familiar, her art is very hard to describe. It is dreamy, challenging, threatening, ominous and BIG. Someone ones described it as “funeral pop”, but I would say it is so much more than that.

“Her form of expression goes beyond any kind of popular music in my mind. You just have to dive into that personal darkness of hers and give in to the grotesque beauty that is her very creation. The way she uses pipes organs, mellotrons, moogs etc, and builds drony soundscapes that really stretch the mind and create some kind of gothic folklore of its own. And on top of that, there is – of course – her haunting voice.

“Having had the pleasure of being an acquaintance of Anna through our mutual Gothenburg heritage she thankfully didn’t need much persuading to join the eclectic roster of my curation. I am very proud to be part of bringing this magical voice to the festival. Prepare yourself for a lot of goosebumps and chills down your collective spines. Let the dead magic embrace you in front of that main stage at 013.”

Anna von Hausswolff will perform on Friday, April 12 as part of The Burning Darkness curated event at Roadburn 2019.

Date: April 12

Time: 17.50-19.00

Type: Main Stage