Birds In Row will raise the emotional intensity of Roadburn 2019

We remember when we heard rumblings about a new French band several years ago, whose blistering take on hardcore punk was as violent as it was deeply emotional, as brutally intense as full of subtle finesse. This band whose promo photos had their faces cropped out, and whose members were only known by one initial of their name, shying away from any individuality so as to reflect the full vision of the band as an entity onto itself.

Their very name suggests a certain annihilation of the self as it alludes to the fact that birds fly together by choice when they could be free on their own – much like the choice that people make in their lives, forsaking freedom to follow others. All of these feelings were present in You, Me & The Violence, their debut from 2012 released through Deathwish Inc. It’s a blistering, wounded record, that would be all over in a little over twenty minutes if it wasn’t for the atmospheric giant that was its final track.

Things went somewhat dark for a time, with their only proof of life being a series of smaller releases that staved off our hunger for their much-anticipated second album. This year, we finally got it, in the form of We Already Lost The World, a solid, varied and tremendously mature record that can be filed under the very inclusive banner of post-hardcore, but also a record which nevertheless maintains that anguished, raw intensity that has always been their trademark. It is now time for all these feelings to be unleashed at Roadburn, where their songs will certainly reach the heights – and the depths – that they are meant to.

Birds In Row will wear their hearts on their sleeves at Roadburn 2019.

José Carlos Santos

Date: April 14

Time: 22.00-22.50

Stage: Het Patronaat