Birds In Row performing Gris Klein

Last time that BIRDS IN ROW made an appearance at Roadburn, they may as well have been blurred out figures moving across the stage, such was their determination to to obscure themselves as individuals in order for their music and message to be front and centre. Since then, they have let their guard down a little, allowing themselves to become a more tangible representation of the ideas they represent through their art. They have also released the incredible – and critically acclaimed – Gris Klein. This coming April, they will perform Gris Klein in full as they return to Roadburn in triumphant style.

In the decade between their first release and Gris Klein, Birds In Row have lost none of the razor sharp edge that make them such a vital listen in post-hardcore circles. However, as their sound has matured they have allowed room for a richer palette of sound; more expansive passages and occasionally gentler vocals let the light in to illuminate their creativity in new ways. Whilst there is still plenty of room for them to let loose at their most visceral, the ebbs and flows of Gris Klein demonstrates that they have learned to wield their caustic power more sparingly.

Undoubtedly this album has taken Birds In Row to new heights. We’ve seen them traverse the continent in support of Gris Klein, pitching their tales of resistance and positive action into a propulsive live energy. We’re delighted to be hosting this rare occurrence of the album being played start to finish.

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 20

Time: 19:10 - 20:10

Stage: The Terminal