Body Void performing Atrocity Machine

It’s not common, although it does happen from time to time… sometimes a band makes such an impression at Roadburn that when the prospect of a return is dangled in front of us just a year later, it’s too hard to resist. Since BODY VOID leveled Roadburn 2023, they have released the absolutely gargantuan album, Atrocity Machine. The sheer power of that album was enough for us to not merely bat away the suggestion of a reprise, so it is with full hearts and open arms that we prepare to welcome Body Void back to Roadburn to perform Atrocity Machine in full.

This time around they’ll be playing as an expanded four-piece, necessitated by the additional sonic textures present on Atrocity Machine that take Body Void into new, adventurous territories. Produced by Uniform’s Ben Greenberg, these new noise and synth elements on the new album add an extra layer of menace to the monstrous intensity that we already know and love. It’s doom but not as we knew it previously.

Body Void say: “Roadburn last year was a life affirming event for us, so we’re ecstatic to be able to come back again so soon to perform our new album. The band’s lineup has changed since as well, becoming a four piece, so we’re excited we get to showcase our new form in Tilburg. “

If you missed them last time around, it’s time to get caught up – this band is going all the way.

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 18

Time: 16:10 - 17:00

Stage: The Terminal