Bossk to play Audio Noir in full at Roadburn 2019

If there was ever a band yet to play Roadburn that embodies the spirit of the festival so wholeheartedly, surely it’s Bossk? And if ever Bossk’s ethos could be summed up in one release, surely it’s on their 2016 album Audio Noir?

So, it makes sense that if we’re inviting these experimental riff maestros to Tilburg we should really have them playing Audio Noir in full. So, that’s exactly what we’re doing for 2019.

Often described as ‘post-metal’, Bossk push the boundaries of that genre, blurring the lines with a deft inventiveness. At times hypnotic and beautiful, at times abrasive and crushing – Audio Noir is quite the journey.

Picture the scene: It’s the Sunday of Roadburn, your feet are throbbing, your head is weary but your heart is full. You’re thinking of checking out and heading home, Roadburned for another year. Think again, as Bossk will cure what ails you and send you on one more trip ‘round planet Roadburn.

They comment:

“Since before this band even started we were fans of this festival, it truly is a legendary event for heavy music fans worldwide. To come to roadburn to perform Audio Noir in full for the first time is the biggest honour. We will also be performing with Martin Ruffin, who recorded and produced the record, which is a first for us. We are very excited to make our first appearance one to remember. Hail the riff”

Becky Laverty

Date: April 14

Time: 20.30-21.30

Stage: Green Room