There are many layers to CLOAKROOM, and no matter how deep you wish to dig they’ll offer up something truly special. If you like the sound of fuzzed out shoegaze and 90s indie overlaid with dreamy vocals and unexpected flourishes then Cloakroom has got what you’re looking for. If you’d like to explore the sound of a band who have truly committed to making a concept album, then 2022’s ‘space-western’ themed Dissolution Wave has you covered. And if you want to really get stuck into the themes and concepts of the album, then you have hours of philosophical, existential pondering awaiting you. Safe to say, then, Cloakroom are a special kind of band – and we’re thrilled to be welcoming them to the 2024 edition of Roadburn.

Songs from Dissolution Wave are yet to be played live in Europe, and in the (almost) six years since Cloakroom were last over here, the band seems to have quietly transformed into a tighter, more complete version of themselves. Even when they lead you down a weaving path at what may seem to be a languid pace, every step is deliberate, every moment holds meaning, and not a second is wasted. The 37 minute run time is over before you know it, and allowing it to loop will see you in a blissful vortex of interplanetary sonic exploration. 

The band themselves are evidently given to transcendental exploration of a different kind as they tell us: “Can’t wait to drink 12 beers at Roadburn and forget my pedalboard”

We’re standing by for a set that will take us through the stratosphere and beyond. We’re ready for Cloakroom, replete with their many layers, their gentle nuance and their guiding light.

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 21

Time: 23:10 - 00:00

Stage: Main Stage