Conjurer are primed for detonation at Roadburn 2019

For 12 years now, Holy Roar Records have been quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) releasing a steady stream of incredible albums. Remaining fiercely independent, with an eager ear to the ground, the label has become home to some of the most exciting rising bands around.

Once they’d caught our eye, and the idea for this label showcase quickly picked up pace and soon we were faced with some difficult choices. It wasn’t so much that we couldn’t choose which bands to feature, more that there were so many that it felt cruel to leave some behind. Such is the depth of the bands on offer to us, we could have given over twice as much space on the line up and still be making those same difficult decisions.

But choose we did, and we’re thrilled to team up with the label to bring you five of their brightest stars for Holy Roar x Roadburn. Don’t miss out on this bounty of bands; Holy Roar Records will be taking over the Hall of Fame on Friday, April 12.


Conjurer have already made a considerable impression on their home turf (their debut album, Mire, is phenomenal) and are setting their sights firmly on world domination. We’re delighted to be just one step in that journey as Conjurer are primed for detonation.

Vocalist, Dan Nightingale comments: “Every band, no matter their scope, holds personal aspirations that they only dream of achieving. We’ve participated in many events over our very short lifespan; shows and occasions of a calibre far greater than we ever imagined we could be a part of – and with all due respect, Roadburn surpasses even those.”

Dan, we’re flattered!

Expect to be confronted with a hefty wall of post-metal with more than a few nihilistic twists and turns along the way.

Date: April 12

Time: 18.30-19.20

Stage: Hall of Fame

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