Join us as we celebrate A Patient Man with Cult Leader at Roadburn 2020

We’ve admired Cult Leader from afar for some time now, but the stars have never quite aligned before. However, with the release of A Patient Man this time last year our eagerness increased, then earlier this year witnessing some live shows tipped us over the edge and we knew it was a done deal. Fortunately they felt the same way, and with that, we’re honoured to be bringing you a special Cult Leader treat for Roadburn 2020 – the band will play 2018’s A Patient Man in full for us.

An album that is as emotionally absorbing as it is emotionally draining, A Patient Man is a complex and rewarding listen. It is fair to say that the depth and complexity of the album means that giving it a few listens in advance would be advisable – prepare yourself pre-April! But the bounty of riches that reveals itself upon repeated listens is well worth the investment – layers of discordance pile up in chaotic frenzies of chaos, and tracks such as to: Achlys provide a modicum of respite to allow you to gulp some air before being pulled back into the fray.

Cult Leader’s Anthony Lucero comments: “We’ve admired the outstanding quality of Roadburn for years and we couldn’t be more pleased to be part of the 2020 line up. We look forward to playing and having an inspiring experience.”

It seems our own patience has paid off; we knew that one day Cult Leader would become a part of the Roadburn family and now that time has come. Join us as we celebrate A Patient Man with Cult Leader at Roadburn 2020.

Becky Laverty / December 2019

Date: April 17

Time: TBA

Stage: Koepelhal