Darsombra with an important Transmission for Roadburn 2020

Brian Daniloski and Ann Everton seem to be constantly on the road, one of those duos who will open new gates of consciousness with their self-described “trans-apocalyptic galaxy rock” wherever they’re allowed to set down their gear. Venues, dive bars, museums, city ruins or storage units all over the globe, anywhere the Darsombra spaceship has a little space and time to land, it will provide its magic.

Now finally that ship has its course set for Roadburn next April, and the transmission for the occasion has already been programmed. It will consist of, well, Transmission, the duo’s most recent release, a lush, psychedelic, proggy and mind-bendingly ethereal single song, where guitar, vocals, effects pedals and synthesizers swirl around each other while seemingly becoming one with the cosmos itself.

The band commented: “Roadburn 2020! What an honor to be invited to play this enthralling festival which has been expanding so many people’s minds for so many years. . . and how auspicious, that we get to present our new release, “Transmission”, to you at Roadburn 2020! Darsombra is thrilled, grateful, and ready.” As indeed are we. Begin transmission!

José Carlos Santos / November 2019

Date: April 18

Time: TBA

Stage: Hall of Fame