Dead Neanderthals to celebrate their 10th anniversary at Roadburn 2020

Dead Neanderthals will celebrate their tenth anniversary in an extremely on-brand fashion during Roadburn 2020. The Dutch duo have spent a decade making up the rules as they go, defying expectations, logic and explanation, and resisting easy categorisation. At Roadburn 2020 they plan to continue these traditions with a collection of four celebratory performances: brace yourselves.

For our part, we’re here to celebrate the pivotal role that the band has played in the Dutch underground – inspiring and collaborating with so many musicians along the way – this band’s artistic journey is one that warrants a closer look. For their part, they’re taking that damn baton and not just running with it, but strapping on rocket fueled boots for the trip.

The first set they’ll play would typically be described as a ‘regular’ Dead Neanderthals set, but in a cosmos that embraces free-jazz and grindcore just about equally, we dare you to define ‘regular’ in this context. The second performance will be a collaboration with Sly & The Family Drone – serving as an expansion to the material they released together titled Molar Wrench (check it out immediately).

Having enlisted Skeletonwitch guitarist Scott Hedrick to perform with them on their just released collaborative album, Ghosts, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to have them perform this material together. The performance will be based on Ghosts but as they put it “this is the first time we’ll actually play together live, who knows what heights we’ll reach?” Only one way to find out….

The final set will be a brand new collaboration billed as Dead Neanderthals presents Twin Sister. When pressed for more information they’d only let on that they describe it as ‘icy black kraut’. We’ll take it.

Of their Roadburn extravaganza, the band comments: “Dead Neandethals will exist for 10 years in 2020. So we thought it might be nice to do something special to mark the occasion. It’s really awesome to have the opportunity to throw our 10 year party along with the Roadburn party we’ve been attending for the last 10 years as well. We’re very happy to be able to perform live with some of our collaborations throughout the years, play a new core-duo set, and even introduce a new adventure. Come party with us every day at Roadburn 2020.”

Pic by Thijmen Sietsma

Becky Laverty / September 2019

Date: April 16-19

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA