DEAF CLUB is an ice cold bucket of water to the face on a summer’s day. Deaf Club is startling, acerbic and refreshing. Deaf Club is coming to Roadburn. Brace yourself.

Here at Roadburn HQ, we’ve been fans of many of Justin Pearson’s (The Locust, Dead Cross) musical projects over the years, the latest of which is Deaf Club. Delivering short, sharp grindcore-esque doses of crusty punk, they crammed 14 songs into their 22 minute long debut full length, Productive Disruption. Those 22 minutes are a disorienting experience; littered with blastbeats, peppered with a truly acidic vocal delivery and conjuring up a suffocatingly twisted ambience, Productive Disruption will leave a mark. That there’s more new music on the horizon is cause for celebration round these parts.

Justin Pearson comments: “Deaf Club is looking forward to playing one of the best countries in the European Union, the Netherlands. Of course, as part of the eclectic line up of Roadburn. I am a huge fan of all things that can defy genres, and this fest seems to nail that aspect. I have built my entire life and artistic output on blurring the lines and not prescribing to one specific thing. I will certainly feel at home.”

With only one brief foray to Europe under their belts so far (to the indomitable Roskilde festival), Spring 2024 will see Deaf Club head to Europe with more shows in the calendar – including Roadburn. We’re delighted to play host to this quintet of controlled chaos – join us to see how it unfolds. 

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 19

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA