Deaf Kids will ruin everybody's hearing at Roadburn 2019, and Petbrick will help

It probably feels to him like it was in another lifetime, but it was only eight years ago that Douglas Leal (or Dovglas, as his stage name goes), a seventeen year old kid from Volta Redonda in Rio de Janeiro, started Deaf Kids all on his own, a one-man d-beat project.

Eight years, seven records and two new bandmates (bassist Marcelo and drummer Marian) after that, the little unassuming project he threw himself at because he didn’t know anyone who’d want to play with him has grown into a respected powerhouse. Dead Kids found a home in none other than Neurot Recordings, under the wise and watchful eye of Steve Von Till.

It’s been a steady rise, and a truly deserved one, because even in its more obscure beginnings, Deaf Kids already hit on something completely unique and pioneering. The base ingredient of raw and violent punk/d-beat has always coexisted naturally with heavy psychedelia, harsh noise and pounding rhythms that clearly give away their South American roots and influences.

Unable to stagnate, the formula has been refined and rebuilt over each release, and last year’s cathartic, kaleidoscopic Configuração Do Lamento record is their crowning achievement… so far. And we will be able to witness this mind-bending musical concoction already on the first day of RoadburnThursday, April 11 – as if to reset our brains from normality and prepare us for the following days.

But that’s not all. One of the things that their first appearance will prepare us for will be another Deaf Kids show the following day, on Friday, April 12, where they will be joined by Petbrick! So, what might happen when these two beasts clash on stage? We don’t know, but we’re excited – and a little terrified – to find out! Oh, and if you feel you need a little more preparation beforehand, fear not – Petbrick will also play on Thursday, April 11 by themselves, which might give you that final coating of noise your ears need before the big clash on the next day. Bring earplugs!

José Carlos Santos / October 2018

Date: April 11 | 12

Time: 20.50-21.40 | 17.30-18.30

Stage: Het Patronaat

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