Prepare to embrace the ecstasies of never ending night! Or at least, prepare to embrace the ecstasies that come with announcing that DEVIL MASTER will let it rip at Roadburn 2024!

This Philadelphia-based ensemble will descend upon Tilburg this coming April, bringing their bloodsoaked blasphemous metal with them. Whilst their theatrical presentation may be what first catches your eye when contemplating Devil Master, the four-piece have the chops to back up the dramatic visual flourishes. Beneath the velvet cape lies a heart that beats with punk rock, and a core that’s steeped in the heaviest of metal. Their razor-sharp delivery is raw, uncompromising – and just what we need to inject a dose of malevolent magick to proceedings. 

“It is with extreme pride we announce our upcoming appearance at Roadburn Festival 2024. When we started playing in basements it never occurred we may get to grace the stage of such a legendary event. We aim to honour the elite and magical spirit that is Roadburn’s legacy for all those in attendance… Until then!” 

Until then indeed… April can’t come soon enough! We’ll be ready to welcome Disembody Through Unparalleled Pleasure, Festering Terror In Deepest Catacomb, Darkest Prince, and Infernal Moonlight Apparition AKA Max, Chris, Francis and John AKA Devil Master to Roadburn! 

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 21

Time: 18:00 - 19:00

Stage: The Terminal