Die Wilde Jagd to bring their heady, playful, atmospheric, entrancing yet ominous soundtrack to Roadburn 2020.

Channeling the playful, experimental slant and electrical throb of retrofuturism with Krautrock intensity and genre-bending, ritualistic, dark textures, Germany‘s Die Wilde Jagd is definitely a breath of fresh air within the currently somewhat stagnating and over-saturated psych scene.

Fronted by primary composer / musician Sebastian Lee Philipp, the band’s deeply inspiring 2018 sophomore album, Uhrwald Orange, is a heady, atmospheric, climatic, hypnotic yet ominous soundtrack that easily evokes imagery of an imaginary North African autobahn, or the electrifying concrete jungle of Berlin. By juxtaposing this distinctive feel of the Mediterranean wilderness with a Eurocentric groove, Die Wilde Jagd (i.e The Wild Hunt) escapes genre trappings and moves into the vanguard of intoxicating bands bringing dark electronics into the world of psychedelic post-rock.

It’s with anticipatory excitement that we will join Die Wilde Jagd with live drummer Ran Levari on their voyage of discovery on Saturday, 18 April as the band will definitely explore new musical landscapes at Roadburn 2020.

“I’m thrilled to be bringing Die Wilde Jagd to Tilburg for the first time,” says Sebastian Lee Philipp. “It’s always a pleasure to play my motherland, and joining Roadburn Festival’s impressive yearly lineups is a special highlight.”

Date: April 18

Time: TBD

Stage: Green Room