Dödsrit bring their blackened crust to Roadburn 2022.

Dödsrit is the brainchild of one Christoffer Öster, spreading songs of ill hope and ruin as a solo artist, releasing two albums of demoralizing blackened crust. Following the release of second LP Spirit Crusher, Öster fleshed out the Sweden-via-The-Netherlands line up that would go on to release Dödsrit’s third album, Mortal Coil

Mortal Coil is a scorching album, one that underscores the harsh/melodic dynamic that was established on Dödsrit’s first two albums. The band are in control at all times, infusing their nihilistic crust and fiery black metal with melodies that carry each song to an elevated state. 

With a full band comes the ability to play live. We’re thrilled to say that Dödsrit will make their first Roadburn appearance in 2022, fulfilling a dream of theirs in the process.

“Words can’t describe our excitement to be able to take part in Roadburn 2022,” Dödsrit explain. “Even before Dödsrit was an official full band, we talked about if we would ever do a one-off show, the perfect environment would have been Roadburn, due to their history of embracing both diversity and the deepest depths of the dark arts of contemporary and extreme music. We can’t wait to unleash vigour and ecstasy upon the masses this coming April!”

Dödsrit’s appearance at Roadburn continues the genre’s presence at the festival, putting them in the same pantheon as Disfear, Doom, Wolfbrigade and Dead to a Dying World, to name just a few. They will show why they are modern genre leaders in their own right when they perform at Roadburn 2022.

-Vince Bellino

Date: April 23

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA