Alicia Breton Ferrer teams up with Euroboy for a Roadburn performance

Alicia Breton Ferrer is likely most familiar to the Roadburn family for her work as part of The Sweet Release of Death, who were due to perform at the 2020 edition of the festival. Understandably, threads from within her solo output can be traced back to The Sweet Release of Death, but when branching out alone her music takes on a more stark and angular flair. For Roadburn 2022, Alicia will be teaming up with Euroboy to present a new project as part of Milena Eva and Thomas Sciarone’s curated event. Euroboy’s charmingly discordant post punk offerings make the perfect collaborative partner for Alicia. 

It’s safe to say that the combined powers of these two artists will produce something that will delight fans of experimental noise rock and those who really embrace witnessing art unfold before their very eyes. Throughout the Netherlands there are many creative enclaves, hidden gems, and burgeoning communities whose spark have been undimmed throughout the pandemic. But now it’s time to invite them out into the light to blossom as intended. 

They comment: “It feels surreal that we’re able to debut our new project with a live show at Roadburn. We feel humbled and excited that this is the place where we step out of the bubble we created by writing musical letters to each other. A secret bucket list.”

Milena and Thomas add: “We love Alicia’s bands The Sweet Release Of Death and Neighbours Burning Neighbours. Yet we still weren’t prepared for the awesomeness of her solo album. Which is a treat for everyone who loves experimental and alternative music. At Roadburn she will be presenting her new project together with Euroboy. From what we’ve heard already, this will be another branch on her tree of awesomeness.”

Date: April 24

Time: 16.15

Stage: Hall of Fame

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