You’ll always find a healthy dose of black metal at Roadburn these days, and we’re particularly fond of showcasing home-grown talent within the genre; the Dutch black metal scene has been thriving for many years. There are few bands within that scene that have been as influential as FLUISTERAARS, but also few as elusive. Until a few months ago, the idea of a Fluisteraars live show was that of fantasy – beyond our wildest dreams. But this year, dreams will be coming true, this mysterious band will be playing their first ever show on Dutch soil, and we’ll be the proud hosts of this momentous event.

For 15 years Fluisteraars have been a studio-only band, building up a healthy back catalogue of windswept yet acerbic black metal. Capturing something of the majestic alongside the rawness of their sound, Fluisteraars have become a staple part of the diets of black metal aficionados around the globe. Earlier this year, the band casually announced their live debut would take place at Nordanpaunk, an eclectic, forward thinking festival in Iceland. Although the announcement came with little fanfare, we’re led to believe the performance itself had a profound effect on everyone present.

The band comments: “At Roadburn, we kick off our first show in the Netherlands. Having had our debut show in Iceland, we have been influenced by the rumbling of volcanoes. We want to transfer that energy to the audience in our own country.”

Join us as Fluisteraars step out of the shadows for this extremely rare, and extremely anticipated live performance at Roadburn.

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 21

Time: 20:00 - 20:50

Stage: The Terminal