Poland's Furia to deliver a lesson in black metal’s deepest roots at Roadburn 2018

There’s something just a little… off about the bizarrely unhinged black metal of Poland’s Furia. They make little effort to cover their path as they draw from the wells of folk, hard rock, and of course traditional black metal itself. The end result, however, is something entirely separate from any of these genres as they stand.

On landmark releases like Nocel and their newest offering, Księżyc milczy luty, Furia balances unhinged ferocity with intricate melody and a tendency towards paces that leave the whole audience headbanging in unison. With such skillful fusion of past influences and an eye to the future, we’re excited to welcome them to the roster as part of the Roadburn 2018 family.  

From earthen melancholy to lunatic madness, we expect nothing but the darkest of sound and emotion to be drawn upon as Furia delivers a lesson in black metal’s deepest roots to all fortunate enough to witness their spectacle. As soundtracks to decay and destruction, the songs alone stand strong enough, but as part of a vicious live show, we’re sure the band will deliver upon its promise to let the world burn. We only hope there’ll be enough of us left in the aftermath to reminisce on such a scorching performance as we rejoice in the ashes. 

Ben Handelman / October 2017

Date: April 20

Time: 19.50

Stage: Koepelhal

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