If you’re already contemplating how you will make it through the intensity of four days of heavy sounds and new discoveries at Roadburn, then you should really know that waiting for you at the end of that long road will be GROS COEUR. Where they lead, a psychedelic rainbow of sound will follow as they promise “funky precision, groovy bass lines and haunting guitar riffs”. Sign us up immediately – we’ll meet you there. 

In just over two years, Gros Coeur have really started to make their presence felt; determined to inject some lightness and joy into their sound, they have concocted an ever flowing invitation to dance and move your body. For the perfect slice of danceable euphoria, you could do worse than to pick up their 2023 offering Gros Disque – a short and sweet salute to the infinite possibilities of exploring sonic ecstasy.

The four piece will bring this indomitable sense of rapture and rhythm to Roadburn, translating their energy into the live arena and no doubt leaving you gasping for more. 

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 21

Time: 23:20 - 00:10

Stage: Next Stage