For those among our number who come to Roadburn looking for a psychedelic time, then we would like to humbly invite you into the world of HEATH. A new prospect hailing from Den Haag right here in the Netherland, promising a trip like no other. 

The release of their debut album, Isaak’s Marble, hovers tantalisingly in the near future, promising “odd time signatures, blazing harmonica and hypnotic guitars accompanied by narrative vocals.” Sign us up! Already causing ripples with their electrifying live performances, we’re thrilled to have snagged them for Roadburn 2024. Prepare to throw it back and throw yourself into the Heath bubble. 

They tell us:  “In our wildest dreams we couldn’t have imagined that we would be playing Roadburn even before the release of our debut album. What an absolute honor! There is no doubt this is going to be an incredible experience and we can’t wait to guide the listener to the undiscovered corners of the mind.”

Take that as your sign to show up with your hearts and minds already open, and then see where the night takes you…

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 20

Time: 20:10 - 21:00

Stage: Hall of Fame