With Agriculture, Ragana and Death GoalsPresented in association with Vulvaverse

Metal is a genre that can serve as a safe space for people with sadness, anger, fear and (often unresolved) trauma. However, within heavy music, it is also possible to turn these emotions and experiences into something positive – a rejection of apathy, a call to arms, galvanising a community, a sense of solidarity. We have invited Kim Hoorweg from the Rotterdam-based band VULVA, and organiser of the Vulvaverse festival to lead this discussion on healing within heavy music. They will be joined by members of Agriculture, Ragana and Death Goals to discuss their personal experiences with reclaiming space within what has at times been a genre that has upheld values that are harmful or the antithesis of healing. With a particular focus on amplifying queer voices in this discussion, Kim will navigate through the panellists’ experiences with resistance, acceptance, and maybe even a little joy.

Date: April 20

Time: 13:00 - 14:00

Stage: V39