Henrik Palm to play Tomas Lindberg’s The Burning Darkness curated event at Roadburn 2019

The first artist out of the bag for Tomas Lindberg’s The Burning Darkness curated event at Roadburn 2019 is none other than Henrik Palm. We’ll leave our esteemed curator to explain exactly why Henrik was such a must-have for Roadburn next year…

“His name should ring a bell with everybody into anything heavier in our beloved alternative underground scene. He has been a part of seminal bands such as In Solitude and Ghost, and also more “off the map” bands such as the groundbreaking Pig Eyes.

“With his first solo record Many Days he covers a lot of ground familiar to most Roadburn attendees, intertwining cronky, angular postcore riffs with kraut and shoegaze influences. I would say it is the natural meeting of everything I myself am looking for in a record. It is pretty, ugly, intense and challenging at the same time.

“The record features guest vocals from among others Youth Code’s Sara Taylor, and is produced by Martin Ehrencrona, responsible for Watain and In Solitude and many more.

“Henrik has cited bands as diverse as Celtic Frost, Throbbing Gristle, My Bloody Valentine and Final Conflict as influences, and it is all there on the record. When I finally got to see him live some time ago, the performance just blew me away. Be sure to not miss out on this. It’s a must see show.

“Henrik was actually one of the first artists I contacted for my curation, I really felt he HAD to be there. He responded, accepting, within a minute!”

Henrik Palm will perform on Saturday, 13 April as part of Tomas Lindberg’s The Burning Darkness curated event.

Date: April 13

Time: 16.50-17.40

Stage: Green Room

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