Hexvessel performing Polar Veil

HEXVESSEL will make their return to Roadburn, performing their new record, Polar Veil in its entirety on Thursday, April 18. That Hexvessel have twice before performed full album sets at Roadburn (Dawnbearer at Roadburn Redux in 2021, and All Tree at Roadburn 2019) is a testament to their career-spanning ability to create immersive, all consuming albums that deserve to be witnessed in full. Polar Veil is a continuation of this great Hexvessel tradition, and we’re delighted to host this special performance this coming April.

From our first listen of Polar Veil some months back, we knew we had something special on our hands. There is a rawness to the compositions that can’t be summarised merely with genre descriptors; it is the sound of fragility and vulnerability that really ramp up the tender bleakness permeating these eight tracks. A majestic shroud of black metal grandiosity is overlaid upon heaving doom and psychedelic flourishes that capture what – to our ear – is the true essence of Hexvessel.

Through their striking connection to nature, Hexvessel have always elicited a specific feeling of place and time with each release. Polar Veil conjures a solitary voyage through icy plains; it is the sharp intake of winter air that burns deep in your chest, at once offering a familiar primaeval sensation and an arctic blast of innovative sound.

Of their upcoming Roadburn performance, Mat McNerney comments:

“Polar Veil couldn’t have come about without Roadburn in our DNA, a festival where bravery and transformation is encouraged and celebrated. We are proud to return to the family and present our new Avant Garde Black Metal Metal album in its purest and most complete form.”

Join us this coming April where we celebrate the Hexvessel homecoming, and embrace the Polar Veil.

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 18

Time: 14:00 - 14:50

Stage: The Terminal