Horte to built concrete and surreal textures at Roadburn 2018

Roadburn prides itself on not only bringing established bands to play the festival, but also to showcase up and coming bands and give them a platform in front of our open minded fans. One of our most exciting discoveries this year is Finland‘s enigmatic Horte. With ties to Tampere‘s thriving Wastement scene (PH, Dark Buddha Rising and Kairon; IRSE! among others), we’re very excited to present Horte at the 2018 festival on Thursday, April 19, as a continuation of our ongoing presentation of this forward thinking scene.

Channeling psychedelic shoegaze with subtle, hazy electronics, the band’s intriguing soundscapes are building heavily on a body shattering bass, and push ‘n pull rhythmics, wonderfully brought together through organic yet rich dynamic and tonal depth. Though Horte‘s eponymous debut album, released by Svart Records, is very explorative by nature, the band shows such a contemplative warmth – the band’s actual psychedelic journey looks inward rather than showing off.

Let Horte‘s layered trip caress you with warmth and care at Roadburn 2018; dive head first into their dreamy slumber without any emotional restraints – the reward is yours!

Date: April 19

Time: 22.10

Type: Hall of Fame

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