Inter Arma performing New Heaven

It’s been seven long years – some of them notably cursed – since we had the pleasure of Inter Arma’s company at Roadburn. We had a digital version of them for Roadburn Redux when they dazzled us with their kitten-infused covers set that dropped in on Hüsker Du, Cro-Mags, Neil Young, Van Halen and more. But there’s not much that beats getting up close and personal with these five guys from Richmond, Virginia. So, we’re thrilled to be able to announce an extremely special show from them for Roadburn 2024. 

Whether you’re aware of it or not, INTER ARMA have been toiling away in the shadows, bringing a new set of tunes to life, and soon that album – titled New Heaven – will arrive. Not to brag, but we’ve heard it and it’s incredible. So, with that in mind we thought we’d invite them to come along and play the whole dang thing at Roadburn this year. Yes, we know you’ve not heard it yet, but as you’ve done so many times in the past, we’re asking you to put your trust in us – and in Inter Arma – as this is going to be one hell of an unforgettable set. At this point, Inter Arma themselves may need little to no introduction to the Roadburn audience, but it’s time for them in turn to introduce us all to New Heaven.

The odd detail or two about this magnum opus has started to trickle out, and before Roadburn comes around that will have swelled into a deluge – there will be no escaping Inter Arma this year, we’re pretty sure of that. So what better way to kick off their New Heaven era than at Roadburn? We’re promised some once in a lifetime experiences this coming April, and Inter Arma are just adding to the slew of special sets that are fast stacking up. We don’t want to spill too many beans ahead of time – noone likes to have a surprise ruined – but this is Inter Arma reinvigorated, renewed and moving forward with purpose.

They told us: “We didn’t take to forced stagnation well. We’ve been writing collectively for almost the entirety of the band, and to say that isolation put a damper on our ability to create would be a drastic understatement. This being said, when we were finally able to come back together, all of the personal and professional highs and lows we’d experienced over the last few years turned into our most colorful music to date. We’re incredibly thankful to Walter, Becky, and the entire Roadburn crew for providing us such a special opportunity and can’t wait to play it all on stage for the first time.”

The only place to catch Inter Arma in Europe this Spring is with us at Roadburn. The only place you’ll catch New Heaven in full? You guessed it – right here with us. It’s almost – but not quite – enough to tide us over for another seven years… 

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 18

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA