We’re sad to announce that John Francis Flynn has had to withdraw from playing Roadburn due to a medical issue.
As per his management: “John is unable to perform at Roadburn due to a serious, ongoing issue with his back. He has been advised not to travel. John is gutted to be missing more concerts but it will help with a full recovery”

We send him lots of love and strength and hope to welcome him to Roadburn in the future.


Folk is not an immovable, uniform endeavour, and JOHN FRANCIS FLYNN is diligently doing vital work, expanding the boundaries and sounds of contemporary Irish folk music. We’re thrilled to invite him to Roadburn to show us exactly what folk music can be in 2024. 

The roots of some of John’s songs can be traced back to a very different landscape to the one which he releases music into. Ireland has become a different place, embracing the modern monoliths of technology, succumbing to the pitfalls of late stage capitalism. Whilst the specifics of the trials and tribulations of the common man have shifted over the years, solace and soul searching through music has remained a constant. John weaves stories through the undulating fog of drones and glitches,  and the distortion of traditional instrumentation. 

What John has crafted on his latest album, Look Over The Wall, See The Sky, is often calming; a balm to soothe the welts and fissures acquired by traversing our way through life. Join us in welcoming John Francis Flynn to Roadburn as he takes us on a trip to Ireland as seen through his eyes and reframed through his music. 

– Becky Laverty