It seems like only yesterday when KNOLL first landed on our radar; a writhing mass of acerbic grinding fury. It was, in fact, in early 2021 when they dropped their debut album, Interstice – but time loses all meaning and the days and years tick on at speed in the Knoll-sphere. Just three years after their first full length, they’ll release their third, As Spoken. Those who saw them on their recent European debut run will have glimpsed first hand what a mighty force they are in the live arena, and we’re thrilled to have them bring that spiteful obliteration to Roadburn in April.

The Tennessee five piece made an impression on us when they contributed a live set recording to Roadburn Redux back in 2021, and in a direct contradiction of their musical output, won over Roadburners one by one with their charm and enthusiasm. Whether they’re chatting happily or flaying the skin off audience members’ with their acidic take on grind-via-noise it’s plainly obvious that they’re simply thrilled to be here. 

“It is an honor to the utmost to announce that Knoll will be a part of Roadburn 2024. There are so few events as conducive to artistry and social enlightenment as this great happening in Tilburg. We are incredibly appreciative of the opportunity to bring ourselves, in amorphous and macabre forms, to such esteemed witness. We will be seeing you.”

We’re expecting joy unbound dressed up in a macabre form when they take to the Roadburn stage in April – in a way that only they know how to deliver.

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 20

Time: 13:00 - 13:40

Stage: The Engine Room