Prepare to enter the shadow world at Roadburn 2020, with Lana Del Rabies as your guide

The origins of Lana Del Rabies may have a connection to her namesake, but since those early days of paying a droney tribute to the pop star, Lana Del Rabies has taken a life of its own. The project and pseudonym of Phoenix, Arizona resident, Sam An, blends synthesized electronics, drone/noise elements and industrial heaviness into an atmosphere of existential abreaction and an exploration of the occult.

Performing as a solo artist and generating the bombastic rhythms and discordant cacophony in the live arena does not mean An is restricted to solemnly performing behind a table. Very much embracing the physicality of performance art and speculative ritual, Lana Del Rabies’ live shows promise to be a cathartic esoteric experience. We are thrilled that this performance will be a part of Roadburn 2020.

Prepare to enter the shadow world, with Lana Del Rabies as your guide.

Becky Laverty / October 2019

Date: April 16

Time: TBA

Stage: Hall of Fame