Laster performing Andermans Mijne

LASTER – the curiously eerie trio from Utrecht – will present their latest album Andermans Mijne in full at Roadburn 2024. This band will be familiar to those who have kept their eye on the always fruitful black metal scene in the Netherlands, but, more so than ever, with Andermans Mijne the band have struck out on their own distinctive path. We’re here for it, and very much here for celebrating all that they’ve achieved with this incredible album at this very special performance in April.

Whilst darkness still permeates much of what Laster do, they’re unafraid to let the light in – especially when it’s illuminating a space to dance a little. Andermans Mijne offers plenty of opportunities to move your body however you see fit, even if we’re not all afforded the opportunity to do so in a moonlit forest. With frissons of avant-garde delirium and angular hooks scattered liberally throughout, the album offers something that diverges from bleaker, more black metal focused sound of their earlier output. If Andermans Mijne marks a fork in the road, the beginning of a new path, then we can’t wait to see where Laster end up next.

But for now, we have this very special show to look forward to in. Join us – and don’t forget your dancing shoes. 

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 21

Time: 14:30 - 15:20

Stage: The Terminal