LUCY KRUGER & THE LOST BOYS released their latest album, Heaving, almost a year ago – and the voyage it’s taken them on is now bringing them all the way to us here at Roadburn. Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys will make their Roadburn debut this April, and we’re honestly so thrilled to be hosting this inspirational and innovative ensemble. 

The feeling seems to be mutual as Lucy told us, “I’ve been quietly hoping to play Roadburn for many years and am excited and grateful to have been invited to join their beautifully curated line-up.” For our part, we know that the melodic dream pop sensibilities of Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys will fit in seamlessly – providing a counter point for some of the harsher sounds to be found at Roadburn, but also delivering their own distinctive kind of intensity.

Born in South Africa, Lucy Kruger  – and the accompanying Lost Boys – are now based in Berlin, and have been slowly but surely turning heads and hearts towards their captivating, gentle yet still angular output. Now it’s the turn of us here at Roadburn to fall well and truly under their spell. 

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 19

Time: 17:50 - 18:50

Stage: Hall of Fame