There is darkness to be found in many corners of the musical world – including right here in Tilburg. Slithering in the shadows, soon to emerge onto a Roadburn stage, you will find the enigmatic MIRUSI MERGINA, weaving her spells of crepuscular explorations.

Last year – at the height of summer no less – Mirusi Mergina released Whispers of Danger, a dark adventure in creepy, ethereal sounds. Her midsummer offering was served as a dark cloud of synth-led soundscapes, discordant noise, haunting drones and whispered missives. The moniker, Mirusi Mergina translates from Lithuanian as ‘dead girl’, which gives you a glimpse of the world that is being pried open by this transformative artist who is fascinated by the obscure aspects of the human experience.

Of her upcoming show at Roadburn, she told us: ”Performing at Roadburn is an absolute honor—a dream come to life! As a newly announced artist in the avant-garde heavy scene, I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. My deep connection to the festival extends over years as a devoted visitor. The grounds of Roadburn have been my sanctuary, a wellspring of inspiration that has fueled my artistic journey. My music spans across genres, blending elements from heavy, electronic, and contemporary music. This diversity sometimes makes me feel like an outcast in certain scenes. However, at Roadburn, where the focus is on breaking boundaries and embracing the unconventional, I truly feel at home.”

Join us as we open our doors to welcome this fresh and intriguing new artist from Roadburn’s own adopted hometown.

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 18

Time: 15:30 - 16:20

Stage: Hall of Fame