Neptunian Maximalism present Le Sacre du Soleil Invaincu

NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM is not a project that is easy to pin down  – in place, time, size or scope. Over the past six years, the band has shapeshifted through various iterations with differing intentions and formations. No doubt it will continue to do so for many years to come. But for now – in one particular time, and one particular place, we can tell you something of what you can expect from Neptunian Maximalism, as they prepare to present their new album, Le Sacre Du Soleil Invaincu, at Roadburn 2024. 

But if you thought you already had a grasp on what might be to come from a new offering from Neptunian Maximalism, you may have to think again. Originally formed in 2018 by multi-instrumentalist, Guillaume Cazalet and the veteran saxophonist Jean Jacques Duerinckx, the band name has expanded to contain many other musicians over the years, as is befitting of their purpose at any given time. We last crossed paths with them in 2021 when they performed the mind-bending Set Chaos To The Heart of the Moon commissioned project at Roadburn Redux. Drawing from their own material on the album Éons, they crafted a truly remarkable set that sent ripples through the Roadburn community. 

So it is with much anticipation that we have invited them to participate in the flesh and blood version of the festival this year, where they will once again take on quite a gargantuan task of creating an immersive and all-consuming experience with new music. Le Sacre Du Soleil Invaincu was recorded in a church in London at the end of 2023 and sets out to explore Indian classical music by way of amplified and fuzzy instruments. Guillaume’s study under the guidance of renowned sitar player Roopa Panesar has led him towards the idea of exploring the emotional power of traditional Hindustani music, approaching the project with as much respect as possible for the culture and history of this musical artform. 

As a new era of Neptunian Maximalism is ushered in, we anticipate a truly spectacular performance, where each and every hue of their diverse palette has a light shined upon it. Prepare yourselves for something mind-altering; that’s one thing we can be sure of.

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 21

Time: 16:50 - 18:10

Stage: Next Stage