COMMISSIONED: Neptunian Maximalism perfom Set Chaos To The Heart of the Moon

If you’ve already experienced something of Neptunian Maximalism, you’ll already know that the best way to listen to them is to give yourself over completely. For the uninitiated it’s time to shake off your inhibitions and let loose!

We often talk of bands straddling genres, or defying convention, but few do it with the same exploratory mindset that Neptunian Maximalism possesses. Their 2020 release Éons was a journey through space and time, dominated by rhythm and ritual, divided into three and dedicated to the Sun, the Moon and the Earth respectively. Having initially joined forces in 2018, the core duo of Guillaume Cazalet (CZLT) and the veteran saxophonist player Jean-Jacques Duerinckx (Ze Zorgs) have created a sound and defined a purpose that is truly unique.

For this performance commissioned by Roadburn, they will explore Éons in a completely new way. The section dedicated to the Moon will serve as an introduction and be followed by as yet unreleased material, presented for the first time for a worldwide Roadburn audience. On stage there will be no less than nine musicians creating this all new and exclusive meditation on the evolution of the human species, accompanied by live visuals filmed, edited and screened by A Thousand Lost Civilizations.

As for what exactly to expect… well, we’ve committed to giving ourselves over to whatever they present, however they present it, but they did tell us that their plan was as follows: “Under the reign of the moon, to end the Age of Pisces and celebrate the advent of the coming age of Aquarius.”

Neptunian Maximalism will perform Set Chaos To The Heart of the Moon at Roadburn Redux, which will take place between April 16-18.

Becky Laverty

Date: April 17

Time: 01:00 CEST

Type: Live Streams