Raise your fists for Occvlta's old school Black Metal at Roadburn 2018

Although they’ve existed since 2004, Germany’s Occvlta have to date only released one demo, one split and – finally – this year, one album. Night Without End has made such an impression on us with its unashamed rawness, it instantly made the wait worthwhile and the band a must-have for Roadburn 2018. 

The core duo of the band, brothers Torm and Hord, would probably bleed metal if you slice their veins open. The music that oozes from Night Without End harks back to an age where there weren’t such clearly defined lines between genres, when Hellhammer, Possessed or Venom first started to spread their evil and consume our souls. 

Their live show will have “no occult stuff, no macho attitude” and promises to push the boundaries of our collective comfort zones. Expect the unexpected and a hefty dose of honest, primitive black metal. Their live shows to date have been quite infrequent, but we’re assured they’re not easily forgotten. 

 “Roadburn seems to be a very exciting and inspiring experience for everyone, and we feel honored to be asked to obscure your altered minds with black wind. Because we don’t expect most of the audience to know about us, or what to expect from us, we are very curious how the dynamics between us and them will turn out, and that makes it a very promising and beautiful challenge”Hord / Occvlta 

 Occvlta will metal up the night on Saturday 21 April at the 013 venue at Roadburn 2018. 


Date: April 21

Time: 00.00

Stage: Het Patronaat