Old Tower to emit eerie and otherworldly synthesizer atmospheres at Roadburn 2018

Since 2015, Old Tower has been steadily emitting eerie and otherworldly synthesizer atmospheres from The Shadow Kingdom, a place of true solitude and dark introspection. The Specter, Old Tower’s lone curator, is finally bringing this bold offering of timeless dungeon synth to the realm of live performance for the first time as part of Roadburn 2018.

While many artists have recently clamored to share their attempts at channeling the spirits of old, few have mastered the art of dark dungeon music with the skill of Old Tower. Throbbing percussion will meet droning low-end frequencies to set a hypnotic template for the ancient melodies conjured by The Specter at this legendary event, sure to inspire wonder and awe.

For those yet to be initiated, this is not the frolicking playful dungeon synth of the forest in bloom. Old Tower is stark, ominous, and somber in its approach. The end result is something that captures a nostalgic feeling and the weight of countless years gone by.

To coincide with our announcement of Old Tower stepping out into the live circuit, Profound Lore have today announced details of The Specter’s latest offering. Stellary Wisdom will see a release via the cult label on February 9, 2018.

We hope you’ll join us in rapt contemplation as Old Tower is unveiled for the first time on Saturday, April 21 in the Hall of Fame venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands as part of Roadburn 2018’s ever-expanding lineup.

Ben Handelman / December 2017

Date: April 21

Time: 23.45

Type: Hall Of Fame

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