Plebeian Grandstand to make for a truly intense and nihilistic experience at Roadburn 2020

Black metal has mutated over the years, resulting in a plethora of sub-genres and off-shoots. Whilst undoubtedly some of theses new paths are more illuminating or exciting than others, there’s no doubt that black metal is no longer only the domain of low-budget, basement-dwelling bleakness.

Plebeian Grandstand are a band that have morphed from a core of quite technical, hardcore charged metal to be the hulking beast of black metal fury we see before us today. The creative journey they have been on has led to an infusion of influences from outside the black metal sphere, resulting in nuance and depth that can sometimes be hard to find within the genre. On top of that, they eschew the cartoonish elements of extreme black metal – you’ll find no burning churches here – in favour of something rooted more firmly in reality. After all, what’s more nightmarish than the real world?

Having long been on the radar of James Kent, AKA Perturbator, it was no surprise to us that he would be keen to invite them to participate in his curation at Roadburn 2020. He comments:

“Plebeian Grandstand has been making some of the most aggressive and dissonant music I’ve heard in recent years. The unstoppable blast beats, heavy abrasive guitar riffs mixed with genuinely painful screams will all make for a truly intense and nihilistic experience.”

The band adds: “Roadburn is the archetype of an eclectic and quality-oriented festival, being invited to play at Roadburn makes us feel grateful, and determined to give the audience a suffocating performance”.

Prepare yourself; the intensity of a Plebeian Grandstand performance is likely to reverberate around Tilburg for some time to come.

Plebeian Grandstand will perform at Roadburn 2020 as part of James Kent’s curation.

Becky Laverty / November 2019

Date: April 17

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA