RAGANA have been pummelling away in the darkest reaches of the underground for over a decade, but their latest release, Desolation’s Flower, has seen the spotlight well and truly shined upon them. The accolades (including Pitchfork’s Best New Music, no less) are well deserved – Desolation’s Flower is Ragana at their most urgent. Although the record is steeped in bleakness, it is tempered by the gentle touch of hope and an offering of solidarity; even when life’s light is dimmed at its lowest, there is comfort to be found in others. Ragana will be bringing their light to Roadburn 2024 – we cannot wait to have them with us. 

For many years now, we’ve been admiring Ragana – multi-instrumentalists Coley and Maria – from afar. Their 2018 split with Roadburn veterans, Thou, made them one of ‘our’ bands in our minds, we have merely been waiting for the right time and opportunity to bring the band to Tilburg and seal the deal. And now that time has come! As well as performing their own set, they will collaborate with label mate, Kyle Bates AKA Drowse for a very special commissioned, collaborative performance. 

Ragana gather up a considerable amount of force and forward motion for a two piece, their primal energy propelling them. At the heart of their distinctive take on sludgy black metal are strong antifascist beliefs, their songs serving as hymns of gratitude for torchbearers who illuminated the way for other queer people. 

Join us in welcoming Ragana to Roadburn this April. We can’t wait.

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 20

Time: 20:40 - 21:30

Stage: The Engine Room