Prolific Danish jazz guitarist Teis Semey is known as an enfant terrible in his field. He mixes punk and avantgarde with his Teis Semey Quintet and exploring more ethereal pastures with his choral folk project Midnight Mess. With Italian drummer Giovanni Iacovella, he forms RAW FISH, a duo that creates deconstructed pop that draws elements from hip-hop, neo-psychedelia, punk rock and electronic music. They are a wholly unpredictable affair on stage, and no show ever unfolds the same way.

To this day, Raw Fish is its own universe with its own playbook, and people have been running themselves dizzy to try to compare them to anyone else. Which makes this duo the perfect candidate for Roadburn’s annual Heavy Jazz Jam at Paradox. Raw Fish will be accompanied by Teresa Costa (flute), Alice Legget (alto saxophone) and James McClure (trumpet).

– Jasper Willems

Date: April 20

Time: 23:15 - 00:15

Stage: Paradox