Modern-day storyteller Richard Dawson will bring his melodic poetry to Roadburn 2020

We’re thrilled to be bringing Richard Dawson to Roadburn 2020! A modern-day storyteller for the ever changing – and yet consistently bleak – social landscape we find ourselves in. Dawson injects a hefty dose of of wit into what would otherwise be an entirely desolate take on the nuances of life in England in this day and age.

Whilst the overarching theme on his new album, 2020, might be one of a country in disarray, of a society folding in on itself, there’s still warmth to be found in the melodic poetry of Richard’s storytelling. But to kid yourself that there’s a happy ending to the yarns he spins would be pure folly. The true beauty is in the juxtaposition of the charming if not sometimes claustrophobic lilting folk delivery of his words, against the jarring content; of betrayals both big and small, of a shifting states existence and the decaying of… well, what doesn’t feel like it’s falling apart at the moment?

Before he arrives here in Tilburg, we strongly suggest you get familiar with 2020 – it’s a complex portrait painted with pop-tinged melody, and full of magnificent heart, even if it shows signs of wear and tear around the edges. Lauded by everyone from The Guardian to Pitchfork, we know we’re going to be in the presence of a true gem, come April. Don’t miss this one, Roadburners!

Becky Laverty / November 2019

Date: April 17

Time: TBA

Stage: Green Room

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